Maxwell Coaching helps you build your leadership "toolkit" for greater impact and results for yourself, your team and your organization. Move towards your goals faster; gain clarity about yourself and others; learn new ways to respond; harness your strengths; and embrace new behaviours; to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Our Coaching Services

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching or Executive Coaching is a one-on-one professional development process that supports executives, leaders and managers achieve their growth and development goals. These goals are often associated with specific competency-based behaviours that are critical to achieving successful outcomes in their organization measured by business or personal performance metrics, employee engagement, or 360 feedback, as examples. 

We have supported the development of a broad range of competencies through our coaching, for example:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Communication
  • Developing and motivating others
  • Championing change
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Goal setting and accountability
  • Leadership presence
  • Leading teams
  • Influencing
  • Organizational savvy

Entrepreneurial and Personal Coaching

Personal coaching supports you in achieving specific personal goals and aspirations for yourself, your business, or your career. Personal coaching can help you to:

  • Understand and leverage your strengths and values
  • Challenge beliefs and assumptions that get in your way
  • Get crystal clear about what you want
  • Focus on what is important and meaningful for you
  • Expand options and choices
  • Build self confidence in your decisions and choices
  • Develop a change plan to create forward movement
  • Engage personal accountability to achieve each step

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps you move closer to what you want, whether that’s achieving your goals or getting focused on what’s most important to you. Coaching can help you deepen your self-awareness, push through challenges, and act with confidence.


How does coaching work?

Our one-on-one coaching offers a tailored approach designed to support your unique needs and goals. Coaching sessions occur regularly either face-to-face at our office or by digital connection (phone, online, etc.) for as long as you need. Coaching is an action-learning process and includes homework after each session designed with you to help you move forward.


What can I achieve through coaching?

Goals for coaching include anything that’s important for you where you would benefit from a learning process and accountability structure that will help you achieve these goals. Some goals that can be addressed in coaching include:

  • Making a change
  • Building a plan
  • Getting something done
  • Making a tough decision
  • Tackling a big project
  • Solving a challenging issue
  • Moving past “thinking about it” to “doing it”
  • Addressing and changing personal behaviours that get in the way

©  2020  Elaine Maxwell and Associates Consulting Inc. All rights reserved.

©  2020  Elaine Maxwell and Associates Consulting Inc. All rights reserved.

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